On request since 25 years

7th October 1992 – 7th October 2017: Unifer Spa has been on the civil and industrial building market for 25 years.

The company became active in the steel sector in 1992 throught the production of products of steel for reinforced concrete. Subsequently, the acquisition of Mafer Srl, a company in Ceprano (FR), allowed us to expand our customers network to the South-Italy. Thanks to our increasing presence on tne national territory, we can ensure more assistance and shorter delivery times.

Today Unifer produces and sells steel products certified in Italy,  in France and Switzerland too, with a production capacity of about 150.000 tons per year. We have been undertaking to satisfy our customers needs for 25 years, by supplying them not standard products of several measures, and ensuring them our staff technical support.

The recent constitution of Alpifer group and the opening of sales towards foreign countries are the result of our efforts towards the continuous growth of our company.