Renewing the tradition that exist from more than twenty years, Unifer Spa produces and offers to its customers: cold-rolled ribbed and re-coiled wire, both in coil that straightened and cut into bars.
The material is analyzed by continuous strict controls and is qualified as B450A and B450C according to Italian Regulations, as B500A and B500B according to Swiss Laws and as B500A and B500B according to French Regulations.


Ribbed and smooth wire coils may be realized in counterclockwise or, on request, in clockwise.
Different formats are available allowing to satisfy all customer requests.





In addition to coils, we propose smooth and ribbed wire already straightened and cut to size, ready to be used in the production process. Commercial lengths are also available in stock.





Widely used in the field of agriculture, the cut ribbed wire is a strong, flexible and cheapest support, firstly for vineyards but also for fruit trees and tobacco crops.








   Weldable reinforcing steel with improved adhesion in bars


1/06/2022 Italian extra price list