Lattice girder is widely used in prefabricated building industry.This scaffolding is produced by welding two lower longitudinal steel bars and an upper longitudinal steel bar connected through welded stirrups, and it is used for producing panels and walls and civil buildings. Special lattice girders are produced with B450A and B450C steel in different heights and diameters, according to the customer’s needs. Lattice girders range is wide:
from height 95 mm with Ø 5 – 7 – 5
to height 370 mm with Ø 16 – 16 – 10
Lattice girder packs are assembled through retaining stirrups and bindings, in order to make transport and movement easier; lattice girders are produced in different lengths, from 1,60 m. to 13,60 m. Each pack has an identification tag with its own tracking codes.